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The Value of Bauer

With so many funeral service options available today, it can be hard to know where to turn when planning a service for your loved one. Many factors can play into the decision, such as location, family history and price. However, Bauer urges you ask different questions:

  • Which funeral home has a multitude of service options and high-quality merchandise available for a variety of price points?
  • Who can guide my family through the funeral process and give valuable advice along the way?
  • Where can I find a funeral home to help from before the funeral to the insurance paperwork and grief that comes after?
  • Which funeral home provides the best overall value?

If you are looking for a funeral home that can answer all those questions and more, look no further than Bauer Funeral Home. We take pride in the value we deliver to every family we serve. Our experienced funeral directors will explain our service options and merchandise available at a number of price points, giving the family more control over what they pay. We also understand that with the many responsibilities that need taken care of when a loved one passes, there can be a lot of confusion. That is why we make things easy by including many cash advance items (for example, flowers, cemetery opening and closing fees, clergy honorarium) on the funeral statement, so you only have to worry about one payment instead of many. Following the service, the Bauer staff follows up with each family to see if we can assist in filing for insurance claims and any VA benefits the deceased was eligible for. Knowing that our care doesn't end with the service, each family can expect to be sent a four-book series about the grief process throughout the year following the loved one's passing.

Above are just a few of the ways we feel we offer the best value in funeral service to our community. You can learn more about how we stand out from the rest by reading about our Signature Services and looking at the testimonials from families who have trusted us throughout the years.

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