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Our History

Amby and Betty Bauer


The Bauer family has owned and operated the Bauer Funeral Home in Kittanning since 1947 with three generations of Bauers working in the family business. Our decades of experience allow us to guide you through the funeral process, providing valuable, time-tested advice along the way. We are extremely proud to have become an integral part of our community.

Photo of Jennifer Bauer Eroh, John Bauer Jr. and their father Jack Bauer

The Bauer Family tradition of caring began in 1947 when Amberson C. Bauer founded the first Bauer Funeral Home in Kittanning. When Amby's son Jack joined the growing business in 1970, the Bauer Funeral Home became truly a family enterprise. In 1984, father and son purchased Clark Chapel of Elderton from Clarence Clark. Following Amby's death in 1992, Jack assumed responsibility as President of the Bauer Family Funeral Homes and purchased the Bly Funeral Home in Dayton from Frank and Sally Bly in 1996.

Our vision of serving the community with compassion and understanding was begun by Amby Bauer in 1947 and continues to be realized as the family business grows through the generations. Amby's granddaughter, Jennifer Bauer Eroh, is a licensed funeral director who joined the business in 1998 and his grandson, John W. Bauer, Jr., is a licensed funeral director who joined the business in 2014; together they continue the family tradition of caring and service into the next generation. Jennifer now serves as President of Bauer Family Funeral Homes. Jack and Jennifer purchased the Richard D. Hillis Funeral Homes in Petrolia and Rimersburg in 2010, expanding Bauer Family Funeral Homes to its present number.

Postcard of Kittanning, Pa featuring the Bauer Family Funeral Home Black and White Photo of the Bauer Family Funeral Home, Kittanning Location