Bauer Signature Services to Celebrate a Life

A funeral is more than a way to mourn a loss; it is also a collective celebration of a life well-lived. At Bauer Funeral Homes, we strive to be an innovative leader in developing new ways for families to create one-of-a-kind services that truly reflect the personality and interests of your loved one. Whether creating a memorial DVD, designing custom printed materials or filling the service space with special memories from their life, we do all we can to build a service that's unique to them. Be assured that all of us who serve you do so with an eye to detail. Below is a sampling of our Signature Services that are our standard. Afterward, we provide unparalleled post-funeral care, assisting with the overwhelming paperwork and the emotional distress that can occur during this difficult time.

Custom Printing and Memory Books

At Bauer Funeral Homes, we offer a number of printed materials, including personalized memorial folders or service bulletins, memory books and bookmarkers, which can be customized to the interests of your loved one. A number of quality stationary packages are available for you to choose from and our staff will guide you through designing the paper goods and printed items to create the perfect tribute. If you choose a stationary package including a memory book, our staff will personalize the book according to the service. We include a picture, family and service information, pictures of each sympathy gift and flower arrangement delivered to your loved one's service, and any online condolences received from our website. These are all special keepsakes to remind you of your loved one's life.

Printed Pages for Sympathy Gifts and Online Condolences

One Signature Service that has stood out to our families for many years is the printed pages in their memory book of the sympathy gifts and online condolences. We know that the visitation and service can seem like a blur between greeting family and friends and saying goodbye to your loved one. Unfortunately, while you are thankful for the flower and sympathy gifts sent, you do not always have the time to fully appreciate each piece. The Bauer Funeral Homes staff removes this burden from you by taking a picture of each piece and printing it on pages for your custom memory book with the names of those who sent it. Your family will now be able to look back and be reminded of each piece sent in your loved one's memory.

Online condolences sent to your family are also printed and inserted into your custom memory book. Bauer Funeral Home does not post condolences to our website because we have found that most families prefer to keep these messages private. This printed record is an easy way for family members to read and cherish these notes of encouragement for years to come.

DVD Tribute

Sometimes words are just not enough. Share memories from your loved one's life through a video tribute keepsake, a unique creation that blends your family photographs with beautiful full-motion scenery and fitting background music. Simply provide photographs that highlight special moments from your loved one's life and a personalized DVD will be ready in time for the service. A link to the video can be found on your family member's obituary page on our website, giving those who are unable to attend the chance to see the special moments of your loved one's life. Your family will treasure this DVD and share it with future generations.

Military/Fraternal Services

We recognize the sacrifice veterans make to serve their country, and we are committed to honoring the veterans and their families. Let us know if your loved one was a veteran and we will take care of the details. The funeral director will researches and apply for county or federal veteran's benefits your loved one is eligible for. Our funeral directors have a good relationship with local VFW Posts and American Legion Honor Guards and will work with them in setting up the perfect military honor service for the veteran.


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